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At the base of activities of companies included in the "RUSECH-Holding"

there is a scientific approach. In this regard we implement partnership programs with leading research centers and innovative enterprises of the Russian Federation.

Initially, the leadership of our company
had task, in the development or selection of environmental technologies to move away from outdated methods of waste disposal, reducing their hazard class or dilution.

And, on the contrary, to focus on improving technology of resource saving namely the recycling of secondary raw materials, thereby increasing the energy efficiency and environmental production standards. The task, of course, is technically demanding and quite ambitious, but, as shown by our own experience, it is realistic.

Thus, energy efficiency and advanced processing are our main principles

used in solving problems of industrial pollution.

For integrated solutions in the industry we use physical, chemical, biological, thermal, as well as other methods of processing. When well-designed production cycle, once polluted environment returns to its original integrity status.

In partnership with major oil and gas enterprises of the country, our engineering center takes part in the development of new technologies as part of the program of import substitution.