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The uniqueness of the services of the "RUSECH" group

of companies is the complex decision of problems of ecological character not just for enterprises-customers, but for entire regions.

This mission is realized through scientific, technical, organizational capabilities of the holding company
an association of progressive minds, technologies and production capacity of the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, and competent and accurate alignment of the relationship between all stakeholders.

Companies included in the structure of "RUSECH" perform the full range of activities aimed at improving the environmental situation in Russia:

Consulting services (supervising, monitoring, preparation of environmental conclusions, etc.);
Development of global environmental projects for the subjects of the Russian Federation and the local ones for individual enterprises-customers;
Agreement of projects of any difficulty levels, obtaining necessary permission documentation;
Construction of facilities of waste processing and their exploitation.

Currently, the activities of the "RUSECH" holding enterprises focus mainly on the recycling of oil and gas industry waste.

License of the Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in the Central Federal District for the implementation of the collection, use, deactivation, transportation and disposal of waste of hazard class 1-4 is valid in 44 regions of Russia.

The main directions of the "RUSECH" holding are the following services:

  • Processing of oil-contaminated waste at customer’s facilities (emulsion of well turnaround repair, drilling sludge, liquid and solid oil sludge);
  • Processing and disposal of oil-contaminated soils (OCS) and oil sludge, solid oil-contaminated waste (OCW);
  • Maintenance of tanks, rail tank cars, tankers, loading facilities, steaming stations (there is a full set of service works – from cleanup to overhaul repair, etc.);
  • Design and construction of unique modern complexes on processing of oil-contaminated waste, as well as a professional operation of existing landfills;
  • elimination of consequences of accidents related to spills of hydrocarbons;
  • processing and cleanout of oil-containing fluids (OCF);
  • Collection and transportation of waste;
  • Deactivation and recycling of waste containing persistent organic pollutants;
  • Remediation of soils disturbed and contaminated with hydrocarbons.

Waste recycling is performed using special equipment

units for oil sludge deactivation (SDU) and cleaning of waste water phase, as well as advanced methods of disposal of solid waste.

A distinctive feature of the technology used

is to development of environmentally friendly products that can be reused.

For example, as a result of disposal of oil-contaminated soils under technology of biological remediation (biological destruction) by composting dry bulk substrate is obtained, rich in humus. The product similar in composition with a natural soil can be used as fertilizer for enriching degraded soils. After the technological cycle of deactivation of the cutting slurry a hardened clay-like mass is formed of hazard class 5 (TU 5711-002-14563936-2011). It can be used for bedding roadsides in the construction of roads, backfill of waste pits, mines, as an insulating material for household waste, landfills, ridging of wells in oil fields.

In addition, of the "RUSECH" holding has on the disposal a set of experimental-industrial equipment to produce drilling wells by pitless method that significantly reduces the environmental impact for oil output.

And that is not all our possibilities.